The Rosemont Project Management service portfolio covers each stage of the development process:
1. Pre-construction
2. Specifications Package
3. Expediting
4. Purchase administration
5. Traffic Management
6. Project Close-out

1. Pre-Construction

The best-laid plans lead to the best-executed projects. Your dedicated Rosemont project team attends pre-construction meetings to confirm project objectives and learn about design and image criteria. We also nail down process details such as approval procedures, critical path and budget parameters.

Other activities include model room review; a specifications audit for compliance with state and local codes as well as industry standards; line item budget development; sales tax rate verification; delivery and installation date commitments; software, documentation and system compatibility checks; alternate sourcing recommendations and pre-buyout budget and implementation schedule.

2. Specifications Package

Rosemont re-casts specifications in concert with the design team, to coordinate with purchasing methods, then pre-shops specifications to qualified bidders. All supplier references undergo rigorous checks to ensure reliable performance and financial strength. We review all contract documents for completeness and accuracy as well.

The consolidated construction schedule gets scrutinized with the contractor to identify any conditions that impact purchasing or installation. Rosemont’s experience comes into play when working with the Owner on the commercial terms and conditions waiver of lien and warranty provisions. Once finalized, we issue completed bid packages to competitive bidders. Representing the Owner, Rosemont supervises the bidding process, responds to questions and issues necessary addenda. Any suggestions regarding alterations or substitutions are submitted to the design team.

Final bid review involves the Owner, design and construction management teams. After receiving written confirmation of vendor selection, Rosemont prepares a cash flow projection along with payment dates, payable monthly subtotals and total projected costs. Additionally, Rosemont audits all purchase order confirmations, monitors vendor manufacturing and shipping, verifies COM fabric receipt as well as time-critical elements.

3. Expediting

Transitions, the point of hand-off from vendor to installer, from installer to project manager, represent the most vulnerable areas on the critical path. That’s why Rosemont expedites sample production and related shop drawings to start things off promptly. Then we follow-up with each vendor and installer to anticipate any potential schedule problems.
To keep projects moving on track, Rosemont submits an expediting report twice monthly for Owner review. When disruptions do occur, Rosemont steps in with proposed solutions to minimize slippage.

4. Purchase Administration

Validation, verification, inflows and outflows. Rosemont excels at purchasing administration. In fact, we take such pride in our bookkeeping methodology that we offer an Open Book guarantee. Owners can audit project documents at will from the day we sign through project closure.

Recognizing the importance of cash flow and variance analysis on highly complex projects, Rosemont drafts monthly status reports covering outstanding purchase orders, FF&E budget status and cash flow forecasts. Each vendor invoice is audited for accuracy and completeness. No funds are released until the design team confirms sample approval.

Our systems ensure that Owners receive payment vouchers in time to capitalize on every available discount offered by vendors. You are in control every step of the way, fully informed and the final authority.

5. Traffic Management

Warehousing is expensive, so where possible, Rosemont writes-in direct shipment terms to eliminate that costly extra step. Fully aware of the damage potential associated with shipping, Rosemont vets freight carriers carefully, and suggests terms to protect Owners from the added costs of repairing or replacing damaged goods. On the administrative side of freight, Rosemont makes sure that vendors have been paid, insurance and freight claims settled, and accounts settled per contract terms.

6. Project Close-Out

Each project ends with a formal close-out session involving the Owner, operator, contractor and design team. At this meeting, Rosemont reviews the budget, timeline, project issues and resolution and offers suggestions for property refresh and replacement schedules.